When to Know if Your Small Business Needs Security.

You may be thinking, I’m not a large business with multiple facilities or a large number of employees, why would I need to invest in video surveillance system? Well, don’t underestimate your business and the benefits a video surveillance system can have on success and safety of your business.

To help you make the decision, consider the following:

Inventory or assets

  • Restaurants– keep an eye on how busy the kitchen is, how many seats are being filled and food storage areas.
  • Store rooms or Warehouses– Be aware of assets kept in low-traffic areas, are they safe from damages or other risks?
  • Office buildings- Protect the computers, equipment, personal files or important documents during and after hours.


  • Consider the safety of your employees, are they ever working alone? They may appreciate the safety of having someone watching out for them if something were to happen.
  • Performance of your business is directly related to the performance of your employees, be confident in knowing they are staying on task with video surveillance.


The type of video surveillance system depends on the location of your building, the entrances to the building, the amount of foot traffic, parking lot and layout. All these items will be discussed with a professional security consultant to help you make the best decision for your business.

Your capabilities

You are a business owner and a very busy person, you can’t be in all places at once to make sure everything runs smoothly. You want to keep an eye on your business but can’t be there 24/7. Monitor your business remotely from any location using an app like Total Connect and video doorbells. If your business is important to you, consider stepping up your security with video surveillance and have a sense of relief in knowing you can check on your business from any location.

Custom Alarm provides video surveillance systems and security solutions to businesses of all sizes and capabilities. We can create a comprehensive and unique surveillance system to help you protect your business. Call us today at 507.288.5522 or fill out the form to learn more about what we can do for you.



Total Connect… Control your Home or Business in the Palm of your Hand.

Are you currently a Total Connect user? Have you noticed the recent updates? Total Connect is what allows customers to control their home and business security solutions through any mobile, tablet, or PC device with internet access. Custom Alarm Total Connect is a secure application which allows our valued customers the ability to arm/disarm, receive notifications, view cameras, control automation devices and many more aspects.

What are the Updates you ask?

The most noticeable update users see when using Total Connect is the new look. This new design features a simple layout and color scheme throughout. The menu structure and icons are more visually appealing for each of the features.

All Total Connect customers should have access to the update via www.totalconnect2.com or by downloading the new app in the app store on your mobile device. If you are having issues, please call Custom Alarm to help guide you through the update at 507.288.5522.


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Protecting your Bank, Employees, and Assets

As banking regulations are ever changing, we have partnered with a number of manufacturers that will allow us to provide you with the most efficient security solutions available. Just as you protect your customer’s wealth and investments, we can provide you with a technologically advanced system.


We can provide fire systems and inspections, video surveillance to be aware of all activity both internal and external, intrusion systems to protect you during the after hours, and access control systems to limit access into secure areas and to protect your investments. Having a top of the line security system not only protects you, but also helps insure trust from your customers. Visit our website at www.custom-alarm.com to learn more or call us today at 507.288.5522 to get security your way!

Farm Animals, Barns, Equipment, and More!

Are you from a long line of farmers? Has the farm been passed down from generation to generation? Do you feel like farming is more of a passion than a business? Well we at Custom Alarm know how important your farm is to you are we are here to help! We know most of your assets are tied up in equipment, livestock, barns, feed, and other items that you need to complete your daily activities.


Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that everything is secure and protected? Tools provided by Custom Alarm can notify you when doors to barns, shops, or outbuildings have been left open, provide you with video surveillance to know what is going on back at the barn when you are out in the field, and alert you to any potential safety risks such as fire, carbon monoxide, water, or extreme temperature changes. You’ve planted your seeds and done the work, now let us help you grow. Get in touch with us today by visiting our website at www.custom-alarm.com or call us at 507.288.5522.

Budgeting Made Easy

Be proactive not reactive! With a Security as a Service (SaaS) plan for your video surveillance or access control system, you can plan ahead with monthly rates and services that will fit your security and budgeting needs! You can now eliminate the stress and let a Security as a Service plan for Custom Alarm handle the rest! Interested? Contact your security consultant or call 507.288.5522 today!