Why Local Security Companies Matter!

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When choosing home security companies, you can either go with a large national company or a smaller, local business. Choosing a local company has several advantages that you should consider before signing a making this important decision and signing a contract, and here are just 5 reasons why. 

#1. They have a better understanding of local security needs

Who knows the type of threats you face better than someone who lives and works in the same area? Here at Custom Alarm, we are very familiar with the types of security issues homeowners and local businesses must deal with, and are therefore, in the best position to recommend the best system to fit your needs.

#2. You can count on better customer service

Local home security companies rely on their reputation to help them attract new customers and keep their existing ones. This means that you are likely to receive better service than if you partner with a national firm. An added bonus is the fact that you can talk to a representative directly rather than calling a toll-free number and being rerouted numerous times. The relationship doesn’t start and end when you sign the paperwork.

#3. You can visit the facility in person

One of the best ways to learn more about a business is to visit it in person. That may be hard to do if you purchase a security system from a company whose headquarters is some 200 to 2000 miles away. We always invite people to stop by our location any time to learn more about our products and services and get answers to their most pressing home security questions. We are open and welcome all to visit and ask questions.

#4. Local home security companies provide faster support

Should you experience a service interruption, your primary concern is to get your system up and running as soon as possible. Larger companies often have longer wait times because they have only a few technicians that must be dispatched from some distance away. Local companies on the other hand have service technicians nearby who can react to problems quickly, ensuring you encounter as little downtime as possible. Local companies have their entire team in your area to support your area.

#5. It helps your community

Buying locally is good for your economy, and keeps valuable tax dollars right in your own community. As such, you are helping those around you obtain good-paying jobs, while making it possible for local agencies to have the funding they need for roads, schools, bridges, and other infrastructure. Local companies are often immersed in the community by giving back through talent, time, and financial ways. Local companies typically want to see their community grow and prosper and that includes helping non-profits with the work they are doing as well.

As you can see, purchasing from local, home security companies has several advantages. Here at Custom Alarm, we provide the same type of systems as our national competitors, but offer a better response time and more personalized service. There are several home security companies in Rochester, MN but none compete with our level of customer service and care. Please contact us today to find out more!



No Phone Line….. No Problem

We run into many people who think they need to keep their home phone line just for their security system. They are thrilled to know that we can monitor their security system with wireless communication and they can cancel their home phone line (as long as a wireless signal is available in their area).

Custom Alarm offers reliable alternative modes of wireless communication for your security system to transmit signals at a fraction of the cost of a home phone line.

Now through the end of the year, when you sign up for one of our wireless communication systems to monitor your security system, you will get the first 3 months FREE.

Call us today at 507-288-5522 or 855-288-5522 for full details.

We Need Your Help!

We are very proud to announce that Custom Alarm has been named a 2010 Blue Ribbon Small Business Award® winner by the US Chamber of Commerce.  There are 100 businesses nationwide who were recognized, 75 Blue Ribbon Award Winners and 25 Free Enterprise Honorees.  These businesses are honored for their critical role in creating jobs and growing the economy.

As a Blue Ribbon Award winner we are also eligible for the Community Excellence Award, which is decided by online public voting now until March 12th.  The award is designed to highlight a business that has found success in the eyes of its community.  We hope you can cast your vote to help us win the Community Excellence Award.  Please follow this link, click on the VOTE HERE button, and select Custom Alarm from the drop down list.

We also want to extend our congratulations to our friends at Corporate Web Services (CWS) who are one of the 25 Free Enterprise Honorees.  As a very satisfied customer, we know personally that their recognition is well deserved.  Over the years they have proven time and again what a great company they are by providing superior service to their customers and contributing a great deal to the Rochester community.

These awards mean that two Rochester companies are among the top 100 small businesses in the United States.  This is a great recognition not only for our companies, but for the Rochester community and the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce as well.