Are you ready for a Spook-tacular Halloween?!

Halloween is right around the corner and for kids this is an exciting time full of treats, ghoulish games, cute costumes, glowing Jack O’ Lanterns and spookiness! For parents, all the fun and excitement can come with many safety concerns for your loved ones whether it be while you or your kids are out and about or at your home. Be sure to talk to your kids about safety and prepare your home or business from the true goblins hiding behind all the ghostly fun!

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Keeping Halloween Scares in the Movies

Like many holidays, doing Halloween right takes planning and preparation.  If you’re like me you’ve got a mountain of candy ready to hand out to the little ghouls and goblins, and some spooky decorations out on the front porch.  You may even have a costume picked out for the big party.  But there are other things you should think about to ensure a safe Halloween.

For Trick-or-Treaters:

  • Help your child pick out or make a costume that will be safe.  Be aware of fire hazards (capes, tails, robes, etc), and make sure the eye holes are large enough for good peripheral vision.
  • Make sure to stay in populated places and don’t go off the beaten path.  Stay in well-lighted areas and avoid cutting through back alleys or fields.
  • Stop only at familiar houses in your own neighborhood unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Secure emergency identification (name, address, phone number) discreetly within Halloween attire or on a bracelet.
  • Teach your children basic, everyday safety such as not getting into cars or talking to strangers, watching both ways before crossing streets, and crossing when the lights tell you to.
  • No one should drive while wearing a mask.

For Around the House:

  • Leave your porch light on.  This lets children know they are welcome to visit your home, and also discourages vandalism.
  • Don’t invite trick-or-treaters into your home unless you know them.
  • Keep pets inside the house or garage on Halloween night.
  • If you set jack-o-lanterns on your porch with candles in them, make sure that they are far enough out of the way so that trick-or-treaters’ costumes won’t accidentally be set on fire.
  • Be sure to have your back door locked while you are handing out candy at the front door.
  • Eliminate tripping hazards on your porch and walkway.  Check around your property for flowerpots, low tree limbs, support wires or garden hoses that may prove hazardous.
  • When pumpkin carving, it’s best to let the kids help clean out the pumpkin and draw a face on it, but have an adult carve for them.

You can find more tips for having a safe Halloween here.  Here’s to a spooky and safe Halloween!