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With technology making giant leaps almost daily, it is hard to keep up with the latest trends. Fortunately, Custom Alarm has accounts on many social media sites allowing us to connect with a more tech savvy community.

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My life changing experience with Brighter Tomorrows

“Last night (December 6th) was the night that all of the Christmas gifts were delivered to the Brighter Tomorrows children, which were all donated by Custom Alarm employees. I had the lucky opportunity to volunteer as an elf and as Santa’s helper and it was such an overwhelming feeling of sadness, joy, hope and love.

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Protecting Pets

Protecting your pets and livestock  is essential. Many people overlook simple measures that can be made to ensure the safety, health, and security of their animals. Here are a few ideas:

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Temp Sensors

  • Place in large terrariums to monitor heat or extreme cold
  • Place in a chicken coop or other poultry housing to monitor heat or extreme cold (if the temperature of their living space is not ideal, poultry chicks will peck each other to death.)

Door Sensors

  • Install on barn doors, gates, or even doggie doors to monitor if a door was left open or to monitor who goes in and out.

Video Monitoring

  • Install in barns to monitor livestock and whoever is in the building at all times.
  • Install in kennels to monitor animals who have health concerns or have a tendency to escape.
  • Install in whelping or calving pens to monitor when the babies arrive.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Place in all barns, homes, kennels etc. as Carbon Monoxide is not only dangerous to humans, it is also deadly for animals.

Smoke Detector

  • Place in all barns, homes, kennels etc. as the risk of fire and smoke inhalation is not only dangerous to humans, it is also deadly for animals.

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Call us for more information about protecting your pets and livestock 507.288.5522.

Alarm System Insurance Discounts

Did you know that a home with a security system is 300% less likely to be burglarized?  Many insurance companies offer discounts to home owners who have alarm systems installed. You could be saving money simply by equipping your home with a smoke detector, or a quick-set lock.

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These companies are just a few of many that offer insurance discounts:

Some companies are offering up to a 20% discount rate to homeowners who have security systems installed. Call your agent today and find out how much money you can save!

Click here to fill out an insurance discount form.


Safety Concerns and Health Risks

Every day we take measures to protect ourselves, our families, our belongings, and our homes. Whether it be a clicking a seatbelt, putting on oven mitts before grabbing a hot pan, holding a little one’s hand while walking through the parking lot, or locking the door before you fall asleep, we take precautionary steps to avoid injury or other danger.

Somehow, we still can’t help but wonder if there is more that can be done. We still are haunted at night by worries. Laying awake at night can actually pose a risk to your health putting you at higher risk for:

  • Heart Attack
  • Heart Disease
  • Heart Failure
  • Irregular Heart Beat
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes

This proves that worrying about your safety can literally put you in even more danger.

Let us put your mind at ease. Custom Alarm has been providing peace of mind since 1968. With our latest technology in safety and security systems, you can be virtually stress and worry free. Sleep well knowing we’ve got your back!

Visit our website or give us a call at 507.288.5522 for more information about protecting your home.

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Bicycle Thefts In Rochester MN

Between the dates of March 25-March 28 there were 8 bikes reported stolen or abandoned. That’s more than 2 bikes stolen or abandoned per day! While there are only so many chains and locks that can be used to protect your bicycle, there is a solution to recovering your bike in case of theft.

Registering your bike with the Rochester Police Department will make it easier for your bike to be identified, recovered, and returned in case of theft or loss.

Registation is easy and now it is FREE.

Click Here to register today.

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Emergency Plan

How prepared is your family in the event of an emergency?  Will your children know who to call if someone’s hurt? Will they know where to go during a fire? The importance of having an Emergency Plan isn’t stressed enough, and many tragedies could be avoided simply by setting a few procedures in place.


Here are a few tips:


  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy. Make sure all household members know the correct way to use it.
  • Have Smoke Detectors in every room, test and check the batteries regularly.
  • Have a “family meeting spot” such as a neighbor’s mailbox, a light post, etc…
  • Purchase a Custom Alarm monitoring system to notify you in case of a fire emergency, and also to notify authorities.
  • When heavy smoke is present, stay as low to the floor as possible.
  • Touch doorknobs cautiously, if it is hot, there are most likely flames on the other side and it is best to find an alternative way out.
  • Teach young children the dangers of matches and lighters.
  • Never leave an open flame unattended.


  • Leave a First Aid Kit in both your home, and vehicles at all times.
  • Always carry a cell phone or other communication device.
  • Write a list of emergency numbers including physicians, veterinarians, and dentists, and other important contacts. Leave this list with children, babysitters, pet sitters, caretakers, etc…
  • Get CPR certified.
  • Keep medicine, chemicals, cleaning supplies, guns, and other potentially dangerous items locked up and out of reach of children and pets.
  • Have your home inspected routinely for mold and other hazards. (Hint: Installing Water Sensors can prevent basement flooding which is the leading cause of mold in homes).
  • Check the batteries and functionality of your Carbon Monoxide Detectors every six months.



  • Have multiple locks on every external door.
  • Install a Custom Alarm alarm system which will notify you and the proper authorities in case of an intrusion. (Hint: Homes with alarm systems are 300% LESS LIKELY to be a victim of intrusion).
  • Install Glass Break DetectorsVideo Surveillance SystemsDoor Sensors, and Motion Detectors.
  • Register your house for  Vacation Monitoring before you go out of town.
  • Never post on social media when you aren’t at home. Wait until you return to post about your trip.
  • Place Custom Alarm signs next to your home, mailbox, or driveway and place stickers in windows.
  • Take photographs of every room so if a break in does occur, you will know if anything is missing.

Whatever the situation, we’ve got your back. To find out more about how to protect your family and home, visit our website or give us a call at 507.288.5522.

Saved By The Bell

Our goal is to provide security and safety to our customers and give them peace of mind. We monitor security systems 24/7 in case of an emergency or other concern. This Custom Alarm Customer’s testimony from an incident last week proves once again the importance of making sure your home is well protected…

“Recently we relocated to a house out of town. After having several years of experience with their security systems, we didn’t even think twice this time about equipping our new home with Custom Alarm. Locking our doors and turning on the alarm is almost second nature now. A few nights ago, my family and I were sound asleep when a familiar loud beeping noise woke us up.  I ran out into the kitchen where our key pad was stationed and it read that the back door was opened. A few seconds later we received a call from Custom Alarm’s dispatch center confirming the reason our alarm had set off, and asked if we wanted the authorities notified. I decided that we would call the authorities on our own if we discovered an immediate threat. Luckily, whoever opened that door was long gone and scared off by the piercing sound of the alarm. This system is worth every penny and has saved my family from what could have been a very scary and dangerous situation.” – Pat R.

Not all situations have the same positive outcome. Unfortunately, there will be many home intrusions over the next few months, with the likelihood increasing as the weather gets warmer. Some of these home break-ins and burglaries even have the potential to become violent.

Stay aware and stay prepared!


Shop on our ecommerce website today for security equipment that fit your needs.

Give us a call at 507.288.5522 for more information about protecting your home.


Shop Online

One of Custom Alarm’s newest website features is our ecommerce page. Loaded with the best technology on the market, we’ve got the tools you need to better protect and secure your home! No need to take time out of your already busy schedule to shop around for Video Surveillance Cameras or Carbon Monoxide Detectors, it’s all readily available with just the click of a button.

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When you find an item you wish to purchase click “Add To Cart,” and continue browsing.

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Create an account with us for FREE, it’s easy and these are a few of the benefits:

  • Check out faster
  • Save multiple shipping addresses
  • Access your order history
  • Track new orders
  • Save items to your wish list

Once you are ready to checkout, click “View My Cart” then proceed to checkout.

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It’s as easy as that to be on your way to a safer, happier, and more secure home.

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Mobile Monitoring

Security just took another giant leap in the world of technology. Now, with a mobile device you can monitor your home on the go!

Honeywell’s Total Connect™ pairs with tablets, smart phones, laptops, and computers to bring your home security to the palm of your hand.


A few features of Honeywell’s Total Connect™ include:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Thermostat Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Text/Email Alerts Concerning Home Activity
  • Door Locking Capabilities
  • Automatic Alarm System Arm Control

You can now monitor your home, pets, and children wherever life takes you!

For more information about Honeywell’s Total Connect™ contact Custom Alarm at 507.288.5522 or visit our website www.custom-alarm.com.