What are your pets really doing?

Does your dog really stay off the couch when you’re not home?  Is your cat getting on the counter the minute you walk out the door?

More than half of US households have a pet in the home, and to many of us, they’re part of the family.  It’s natural that we should be curious about their secret lives when we aren’t around.  And now, technology is making it easier than ever to keep an eye on them, and make sure they’re safe. Continue reading “What are your pets really doing?”


Vacation Season is HERE! Are you ready?

It’s finally time to hit the road and enjoy a long break from work and home responsibilities! Before you leave, use this handy checklist to keep your home secure while you’re away. We even have a printable version for you to use alongside your packing list! Continue reading “Vacation Season is HERE! Are you ready?”

5 Safety Tips for Memorial Day

  1. Soaking up some rays – the sun always feels good after our brutal Mid-West winters, but protecting your skin from harmful rays is extremely important. So make sure you don’t forget the sunscreen, as skin can become severely burned in just a few hours in the sun, which can increase your risk of skin cancer in the long run. In addition to remembering the sunscreen, you can also bring your own shade by grabbing an umbrella or a large hat.
  2. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming – for the past couple of weeks we have seen temperatures in the 80’s so hopefully the last Monday of May will provide us with plenty of sunshine to take a dip in the pool. However, before dipping your toe in or going all out in a cannon ball, make sure you know who is going to be watching the little ones in your group. There might be lifeguards on duty, but it is always a good practice to have an extra set of eyes.
  3. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and steak oh my – we all know that the smell of a grill just screams summertime, but make sure that your “Grill Master” is properly protected. Be sure to clean the grill before use and make sure that everything is in proper working order. After grilling be sure to make sure that coals are completely put out and that the propane is turned off.
  4. As some would say, “no great story ever started with a water” – so if you plan to partake in drinking, be sure you plan your designated driver at the beginning of the day. Having fun is great, but also making sure that you are safe is key.
  5. Lock it up – be sure to lock up your home before you head out for the day or weekend. As many people head out of town neighborhoods can become empty and it’s important to make sure that not only your family is protected for the day, but also all your precious valuables you left at home.

Warmer Weather Brings Unwelcome Visitors

Each summer, out of town alarm companies send out people to communities across the country to go door-to-door to persuade homeowners into purchasing a new alarm system. These people, while appearing friendly, have been found to use deceptive sales tactics and often misrepresent themselves and the companies they work for.

Examples of these questionable sales tactics:

  • Stating they are working with your current alarm company
  • Explaining that you have an outdated system
  • Offering to ‘give’ you a new yard sign
  • Claiming they only have one free system left
  • Telling you that “your neighbor” said to stop here
  • Using inaccurate statistics about crime in your neighborhood

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Local Security VS. Cable Company

Did you know that Cable Companies are now offering home security? We have heard them on the radio talking about security being a low-cost solution, when bundled with their other services. Sounds great, right? We at Custom Alarm want you to be aware of the differences between local security companies and cable companies. So to avoid the headache, we did the research for you, below are 7 things to consider before making a decision:

  1. Experience 
    • Custom Alarm – We have been in business since 1968, so we know what we are doing and we focus on the services that we are good at. We are the security experts.
    • Cable Company – Can a company that does internet, phone, television, and security really be considered an expert? If your TV or internet is out for a night, it’s an inconvenience, security on the other hand is serious, there is no room for error. Continue reading “Local Security VS. Cable Company”

Holiday Travel Guide. Is your home ready?

You’re packed, you’ve got the tickets, you’re ready to go.  But before you walk out that door, is there anything you’ve forgotten?  Here are 8 simple things you can do to keep your home safe while you’re gone.  We’ve even got a printable Holiday Travel Checklist you can post by the door.

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8 Security Tips For Living Alone

Whether you’re a young person out on their own for the first time or an elderly person living alone, not having people in your house can put you at risk. With some careful effort, you can make your home more secure!

1. Choose Your Home Wisely

Whether living in a house or an apartment, do your research. Is the neighborhood safe? (Check crime reports from CopTalk Live in the Rochester, MN area.) A little front-end work can save you a headache later on. Continue reading “8 Security Tips For Living Alone”

Halloween Home Safety Tips, Inside and Out

Spiders crawling down the walls.  Bats hanging from the ceiling.  More than any other holiday, Halloween is about creativity in decorations.  Some are content with carving the occasional pumpkin, or hanging some ghostly gauze around the house.  Others create a gauntlet of terror visitors must brave to reach the front door.

No matter your approach, whether Jack-O-lanterns, spider-webbing, fog machines, or props too gruesome to describe, keeping safety in mind will ensure everyone has a fun, memorable Halloween.
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