Climbing The Ladder

Custom Alarm is not a stranger when it comes to technology. We are constantly thinking of ways  we can improve on our current products and services, as well as replacing outdated products with more advanced and updated versions.

In the year 2014 former CEO and Founder of Custom Alarm, Leigh J. Johnson, announced his retirement and appointed his eldest daughter, Melissa Brinkman to fill his position. Melissa has continued her father’s legacy while keeping the company up to date with the latest technology and trends.

One of the most apparent adjustments that needed to be made in order to keep up with the company’s advancements, was that Custom Alarm’s website was in desperate need of an update. In 2014-2015, working alongside a local web programming company, Custom Alarm put in over 350 hours into making the website more user friendly, responsive, and fully interactive.

Responsive-example-CustomAlarm 2

The new site includes live chat, request a quote, how-to videos, social media links, and many more interactive tools. For our efforts made on this project, our team has been awarded The 2016 NSCA Excellence in Business Award– Differentiating Strategies. We are very humbled and even further motivated to continue to provide the community and customers with the best technology on the market.




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