Halloween Home Safety Tips, Inside and Out

Spiders crawling down the walls.  Bats hanging from the ceiling.  More than any other holiday, Halloween is about creativity in decorations.  Some are content with carving the occasional pumpkin, or hanging some ghostly gauze around the house.  Others create a gauntlet of terror visitors must brave to reach the front door.

No matter your approach, whether Jack-O-lanterns, spider-webbing, fog machines, or props too gruesome to describe, keeping safety in mind will ensure everyone has a fun, memorable Halloween.
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The Great Custom Alarm Cider Tasting

With the leaves changing, the weather getting cooler, and all the other signs that fall is here, we at Custom Alarm decided to celebrate this often too-brief season by having a company-wide cider tasting test.  Our goal was to sample as many locally grown ciders as possible (some of which were grown at orchards we highlighted previously.) Continue reading “The Great Custom Alarm Cider Tasting”

Fun Family Activities for Fire Safety

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, more than three quarters of Americans have an evacuation plan, but only a third have a plan that they have practiced.  That practice can help ensure everyone gets out safely in the event of a fire.  So to help, we’ve devised some games the whole family can enjoy.

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Pumpkin Patches, Orchards, and Corn Mazes? Oh My!

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin carving, pumpkin spice everything – fall is the pumpkin’s season to shine.  And though you can get your pumpkins from the store, there’s nothing quite like finding the perfect one yourself.  Or maybe you want to get lost in a corn maze, or take in the beauty (and cider) of a local orchard.  However you like to spend your autumn, we’ve got you covered.  Here’s our list of local Pumpkin Patches, Apple Orchards, and Corn Mazes to check out before the season ends. Continue reading “Pumpkin Patches, Orchards, and Corn Mazes? Oh My!”

Curious About Crime in Rochester, MN? Stay Informed.

Rochester, MN has regularly been ranked one of the best places to live in the U.S. by organizations like Money Magazine and Livability. Custom Alarm is privileged to call such a dynamic city home!

Our community has a lot of tools to keep each other safe.

1. Our favorite tool is SpotCrime, courtesy of KAAL and Custom Alarm.

With this tool, you can see recent crime incidents in the Rochester area on an interactive map:

SpotCrime with Custom Alarm

Simply click on the incident icon for more information about the crime:

SpotCrime with Custom Alarm

Find more information at kaaltv.com/spotcrime.

2. Another great local safety tool is Crime Alerts from CopTalk Live.

The Rochester Police Department Crime Prevention Unit delivers crime reports straight to your inbox every morning. These reports include all incidents from the previous day, including the time they occurred and their location. (If you’re curious, you can request more information about an incident by inquiring with the incident number.)

Sign Up for Crime Alerts
To sign up, enter your email here. You can find more information at coptalklive.com.

The Coolest Doorbell You’ve Ever Seen

Have you ever had your voicemail fill up to its storage capacity? No one can leave a message. All of a sudden, you don’t know who’s called, when they were trying to talk with you, or what they wanted.

Not having SkyBell at your front door is kind of like having a full voicemail. With a traditional doorbell, you have no idea who is at your front door when you’re not home. You don’t know when they arrived or why they came to visit.

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7 Garage Security Tips

The garage. It’s where you house some of your most expensive and resellable possessions –– and yet, it can be a security blind spot in many homes. And even worse, it can provide easy access to your home and loved ones.  Learn how to make your garage more secure:

1. Cover Your Windows

When burglars can see all your high-value tools, vehicles, and other resellable items, they’re much more motivated to break in and steal them. Prevent them from peeking by covering your glass with sheer curtains or translucent film to let light in but keep eyes out! Continue reading “7 Garage Security Tips”