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This camera not only makes your home smart, but lets you control your security, automation system, view live video, and receive important email and video notifications on mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Are you ready to advance the quality of your life with smart home automation? Take advantage of the offer from now until the end of February 2017.

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Do you know what is happening in your neighborhood?

Rochester, MN has regularly been ranked one of the best places to live in the U.S. by organizations like Money Magazine and Livability. Custom Alarm is privileged to call such a dynamic city home!

Our community has a lot of tools to keep each other safe. 

1. Our favorite tool is SpotCrime, courtesy of KAAL and Custom Alarm.

With this tool, you can see recent crime incidents in the Rochester area on an interactive map:

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Taking Advantage of Snapchat’s QR code reader

We’ve all seen QR codes, those Rorschach-like next gen barcodes.  If you’re like me, you’ve never paid them a second thought.  But they are powerful tools, packing a ton of information into a tiny amount of space, allowing websites to be scanned, linked and shared instantly with a smart phone, provided you have a QR code reader.  And almost everyone does, but they don’t realize it. Continue reading “Taking Advantage of Snapchat’s QR code reader”

Winter Activities for Families

Humans don’t hibernate in the winter, a fact that, year after year, slowly drove my mother insane as we bounced off the walls with cabin fever.  I’ve built my share of snowmen while waiting for permission to come back inside, is what I’m saying.  So if you’re looking out the window watching apple-cheeked children slowly building a snow army – we have some suggestions.

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My life changing experience with Brighter Tomorrows

“Last night (December 6th) was the night that all of the Christmas gifts were delivered to the Brighter Tomorrows children, which were all donated by Custom Alarm employees. I had the lucky opportunity to volunteer as an elf and as Santa’s helper and it was such an overwhelming feeling of sadness, joy, hope and love.

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What’s in Your Winter Storm Emergency Kit?

Anyone who’s spent a few winters in the upper Midwest either remembers, or has heard stories about the legendary blizzards that hit from time to time.  We usually have to listen to someone saying why this storm isn’t as bad as the ’91 Halloween Blizzard that covered the Twin Cities, or the ’78 White Hurricane that hit eastern Wisconsin.  They may not happen every winter, but a little preparation can go a long way towards protecting yourself for when the next big one comes.

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